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At Mex Hardware we bring you the latest Computer hardware reviews, mobile phone information and tablet round-up. If you are in the market for and tech hardware or new handset or even spare parts for you device then we can help you make your decision based on real testing by our expert team.


We have recently looked at the latest mobile phones and handsets on the market. Have a look at our results, with some great mobile phones to choose from we looked at everything from power to style to parts and repair costs.


Graphics Cards

You want fast frame rates for the newest games? We have a comprehensive look at the best and fastest graphic cards available, including nvidia and Raedon chipsets.

Need Wholesale Spare Parts For your Mobile Phone or Tablet?

We recommend the online shop at Essentially Mobile. With great prices and fast delivery this Australian company is very reliable and have a huge range of mobile phone spare parts and accessories, they also sell unlocked handsets online at low prices.


If you have just got your brand new handset or tablet and its your pride and joy then accessorize! We look at the latest accessories available for that iPhone, Samsung or any other device you may have, from solar charges to protective covers you need to look at all the available options and where to get them.

What You Get

Checkout the newest lifeproof case reviews and ipad cases. We also look at some of the best solar powered charges available for your mobile device. We also look at Spare parts and replacement screens for best price and availability.

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